Kröd Mandöon And The Flaming Sword Of Fire

Science Not Fiction has a review of Kröd Mandöon And The Flaming Sword Of Fire:

In Robin Hood fashion, the insecure hero, Kröd Mandöon (played by Sean Maguire), leads the struggle against the evil rule of Dongalor, a local king with big ambitions. Kröd is aided by a none-too-bright pig-man, an utterly ineffective wizard, the very gay Bruce, and his sexually liberated pagan warrior girlfriend. (A note on these last two characters--there's a very fine line between ironically parodying how women or homosexuals are portrayed in a genre, and simply exploiting stereotypes anew. Once established, I hope these characters are given room to grow.) Not surprisingly, the funniest character so far (I've only seen the premiere episode) is the villainous Donglar, played by Matt Lucas of Little Britain fame.

Comedy Central has few clips up.

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