Wine, beer & vodka map of Europe


Original map at Strange Maps.

H/T M. Yglesias

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Warm waters and wine. Yes!

Interesting the Polish wine/vodka divide seems to mirror the old borders of Imperial Russia and Imperial Germany.

Vodka technology is distinctly different from other forms of distillation, involving a lot of filtering to get almost pure alcohol, and it was developed in Poland and Russia. (Note that other distilled drinks are not tracked on the map.)

Wine tends to be more southern, for grape-growing reasons.

The beer belt is Germanic, excluding Scandinavia, and where it's not, it's people once under German or Austrian rule. This still leaves Albania and Rumania as exceptions.

By John Emerson (not verified) on 21 Feb 2010 #permalink

The map is an oversimplification. Beer and vodka "belts" overlap pretty heavily. It would be better to define the belts by raw material, i.e. grapes (wine/brandy) and cereals (beer/vodka). And add an apple belt (cider/calvados)) between them.

The beer region in Romania seems to be just Transsilvania, and old German/Hungarian haunt. But of course climate has an effect, too. The southern beer regions are mountainous, and probably not good for growing grapes.

By Lassi Hippeläinen (not verified) on 21 Feb 2010 #permalink

They should have a whisky belt - Scotland and Ireland.

Agree with the "Apple belt", which seems to mostly match both the "celtic refuge" and "menhir" areas - British Isles, Western France, Northwest Spain.

Whisky is made with cereals. I understand that there is occasional symbiosis between beer- and whisky-making industries. So I suppose the "whisky belt" would essentially be a part of the "beer belt".

OTOH I'd like to see the "honey belt" (mead!)

Hey, I object to Austria being put into the beer zone as a whole! At least the eastern parts around Vienna and to Lake Neusiedel at the Hungarian Border are firmly wine country and have been since celtic times! Beer is German or Czech, we are a wine culture for godssake (and Croatia too by the way).

By Hugo Rune (not verified) on 22 Feb 2010 #permalink

What exactly is shown on this map? Production? Consumption? Popularity measured by opinion polls? It's much, much too rough.

In Poland, they do have some excellent vodkas, but people drink much more beer than vodka (which is a good thing from the point of view of their liver), and I think it's not very different in Scandinavia. Eastern France and Western Germany are famous producers of very popular high quality white wines. Spirits such as cognac, grappa, schnaps, gin, etc, should also be on the map...

By Christophe Thill (not verified) on 22 Feb 2010 #permalink

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