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I finally have a day job! For a few weeks, anyway - I'm temping as a GIS monkey. While this is not functionally much different from generic office temp jobs, data entry using ArcGIS pays much better than data entry with Excel.

Historically, day-jobbing has not had much effect on my blog output, but it might take a while to adjust to the new routine. In particular, I need to grow some muscles so that I will be less exhausted by my bike commute. And since I will no longer be able to lounge around osmosing the blogosphere all day, please do drop me a note - by email, or leave a comment on one of these noms posts if you want others to see it too - if you've written something I should read.

Below the fold: It's apparently t-shirt and carnival week.


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Congrats on the day job! Here's hoping that it either extends after a few weeks, or you find something more permanent before it runs out

Fossilomics is a boggling concept, unless I'm being too clever (and it wouldn't be the first time). Assuming it's about the study of the fossilome is where I keep boggling. Extrapolating from the genome and the proteome and the metallome and the metabolome to ... the ... FOSSILOME. That makes my brain-app freeze and I have to wake up and kill the process.