Ternary Phase Diagram for Cracker-Crumb Crusts

As Lab Lemming pointed out, the graham cracker crust I made for my pie last weekend cannot be represented on the ternary phase diagram for traditional pie crust. But that doesn't mean it is somehow illegitimate or unsciencey! See, look at all this science:


In addition to being simpler to prepare, the graham cracker crust is delicious over a much larger range of compositions than a traditional pie crust.

I will have another pie posted later this week, but the rate-limiting ingredient is still equilibrating with ethelyene gas in a bag on my kitchen table.


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"gratuitous ingredient for jaded hipsters"

Wait! Wut!? You put weed in your fucking pie!?!?


By Anonymous (not verified) on 11 Mar 2009 #permalink

I think the Pile of crumbs area is too large. If you can get the pie onto a plate without completely losing the crust it's a OM NOM NOM. The WTF area could be smaller but then the amount of "gratuitous ingredient" is less important than what it is, IMHO. Maybe that dimension should be amount*WTF-iness?
(nuts - low WTFiness; Yak's spleen - high WTF-iness)

(in the interest of full discloser: my last cheesecake, mocha with chocolate crumb crust, was a little closer to pile of crumbs than I'd like but I was almost out of butter; birthday girl and our coworkers couldn't have cared less)

By marciepooh (not verified) on 11 Mar 2009 #permalink

AAHHAHAAH I love this. And I would like to om nom nom on your kiwi lime pie.