Skinny Pig

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Image: The Sun. [nearly life-sized]

Bald guinea pigs were originally developed for scientific research purposes in the 1970s, by suddenly, these so called "skinny pigs" are all the rage among pet owners in the UK. Because they lack fur, these animals must have lotion applied to their skin, require a number 50 subscreen in the summer and a tiny guinea-pig sized sweater in the winter. Even though they are relatively thin, they requirre three times more food than regular furry guinea pigs because they burn the extra calories just to stay warm.

Breeders have set up waiting lists to meet demand as desperate pet lovers pay up to £150 for one animal.

[story includes a picture of a pig in a blanket]

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Cute to look at, yeah -- but very vulnerable. Just by description, this is abusive breeding, just like tho=e dog types that can't even mate on their own. Grr...

By David Harmon (not verified) on 26 Oct 2007 #permalink

"Oh it's so amusing for me. Who cares if these animals are never comfortable?"

By Kuhlmancanadensis (not verified) on 27 Oct 2007 #permalink

The only possible excuse I can imagine for creating such a creature as a pet is if it were hypoallergenic. Even then, that's pretty marginal... :/

I am an owner of Two skinny pigs and they were definately not made for people who have allergies, they still have a covering of hair, some more than others and I know of two friends who are allergic to all animal hair and are the same with these.
They are a natural genetic mutation and have the most amazing personalites, love to be cuddled and get along with usual 'hairy' guineas. Keep them warm in the house and well fed and they will be your best pals.