A Current Picture of My New Parrot Pal

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This is a picture of my new roommate, a young hawk-headed (red-fan) parrot, Deroptyus a. accipitrinus. This bird was captive born and raised. This picture was taken last week, so it gives you a good idea of what the bird looks like right now.

Image: Andrea Wiebolt [Larger size].

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yes, (s)he is! the bird is still young, so the plumage will brighten up further as (s)he matures. i am not sure of the bird's gender, but the breeder thinks the bird is a "he" while i am thinking (based on the bird's breast markings) that the bird is a "she" [males have more blue on the breast feathers while females have more red. but i think that this bird is too young to distinguish gender based on plumage characters, so i think i will have to get her DNA sexed to be sure].

until then, i have to think of a name that will be appropriate for a bird of either sex .. hrm.

congrats on your new roomate! hawkheads are so unusual and gorgeous. I have bird envy....
(who shares her house with a pack of 2 portuguese podengos and 2 caucasian sheepdog canines,one felis catus,3 brown laying hens, 2 silver spangled hamburg roosters and a silver spangled hamburg hen, plus 4 bourkes parakeets, one canary hen,a pair of plum headed parakeets, one blue indian ringneck hen, and a galah cockatoo.)

i have to think of a name that will be appropriate for a bird of either sex .. hrm.

"Hrm" is certainly an unusual name. ;-)

The Wikipedia entry lists two meanings which sortof seem relevant:

⢠"Human Resource Management": (S)he's got you under control.

⢠"Her/His Royal Majesty": Covers both sexes, and might be appropriate?

I'm not too sure how to pronounce "Hrm".

Crawls back into his hole...

You prononunce "hrm" by the old English rule, i.e., "Beecham."

Beautiful bird! Now, I am about as far as can be from being an expert on birds, but is that a grin I see on its face?

By david1947 (not verified) on 30 Oct 2007 #permalink

Luminescent indeed! My first thought was "where's the cord to plug it in?" ;-) (Admittedly, the flash is probably helping there.)

Names, hmmm.. . You could get silly and call it "Ferret" or suchlike.... Or considering the coloring, Jules/Jewels....

By David Harmon (not verified) on 30 Oct 2007 #permalink

Welcome to New York Hrm! Let me sign you up for the next Turtle Yoga class. You'll love it. Until then don't forget to breath and don't strain.

katchaya; wow, what a group of animal companions! i only live with five parrots and one fish.

shelley; i know that hawk-headed parrots can and do imitate human speech, but i am not sure how talented they are (as compared to an African grey, such as your own Pepper).

david1947; most parrots look like they are grinning, don't they?

david; as of today, i posted a couple names that i am considering for the bird in a separate entry.

bob; haha! thanks.

What a lovely HH!
Cassius says Hello from CA :)

By Jill Warner (not verified) on 01 Nov 2007 #permalink

He or she is bigger than I expected. From the time I worked in pet shops years ago I thought fan parrots were kind of small, like conures. I also remember selling parakeets and having to tell customers that the parakeets we sold were too young to confidently tell the sex. Since the bird is young I am guessing that it will get bigger.

How big are adult hawkhead parrots?

Hi Andrea, Hrm, Hope you both are doing fine :-)

Short message from the Netherlands to say I was searching for people with same surname and doing some awesome discoveries ;-)

Take care, Jeroen Wiebolt

By Jeroen Wiebolt (not verified) on 19 Jul 2008 #permalink