Crystal Healing: Will it Prevent Foot and Mouth Disease?

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Below the fold is an utterly fascinating video that documents the current state of the research in one lab that is developing a drug that stops foot and mouth disease virus from replicating in the host cells. Even better, this beautfully executed video was created by the lab members themselves! I can hardly wait for more scientists and labs to document their research in real-people accessible videos such as these [6:03]

This lab has its own blog, so go there!

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Very nicely made! Great cliffhanger ending!

Also I like the idea of co-opting the "crystal healing" phrase. Or maybe I don't, since the woo-woos will just coattail off it.

Wow - I am truly honoured to get a mention in this neck of the woods! Glad you liked the video - we had great fun making it.

I was at SciBlog08 and very much enjoyed your contributions to the discussions though we did not meet. Perhaps next time?


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