A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

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If you are like me, you do not have a television, so you are missing all the special holiday programming. This sweet video is a late one created by the late, great Charles M. Schulz about celebrating Thanksgiving on a ping-pong table. Of course, it includes really fine jazz as background music -- does anyone know who wrote and performed the background music and how I can get it? [20:18].

If that video was deleted by YouTube, this one probably survived, because it is a condensed version [4:55];

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That would be the Vince Guaraldi Trio, which did the music for all those early Charlie Brown animated specials. I can't find a recording with just the Thanksgiving music, but at least some of it appears to be included on Charlie Brown's Holiday Hits.

I can personally recommend A Charlie Brown Christmas; when my wife hauls out the Christmas recordings for non-stop play in order to instill the proper amount of holiday cheer, that one's my favorite.