Don Prothero to Speak in NYC!

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Great news, my peeps! My friend and "scientific sibling" (courtesy of AMNH), Professor of Geology and author, Don Prothero, will be speaking in NYC for the New York City Skeptics about evolution and his book, Evolution: What The Fossils Say And Why it Matters [my review]. Even though we're email pals, I've never before met him in real life, so I am really looking forward to this. [Note: rumor has it that we shall explore the pubs of the UWS while he is here, too]

Who: Donald Prothero
What: public presentation, "Evolution: What The Fossils Say And Why it Matters."
When: 10 January 2009, 1300 (1 pm ET)
Where: University Settlement at 184 Eldridge St. (at Rivington St., two
blocks south of Houston [map])
Admission: FREE!!! Just bring yourself, your questions and your copies of his books (for autographs, of course!)

Be sure to write this on your calendar so you can meet him too! I guarantee you will enjoy this!

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I'm terribly sad about missing this! Alas, making a trip to NYC any time soon is not in the cards...

However, if I may be allowed to do a bit of advertising for him, Prothero's Skeptics Society lecture (available on DVD through their site) titled "Geology, Creationism & Evolution:
The Breathtaking Inanity of Flood Geology" is brilliant. It's a more detailed exposition on the ideas and concepts in the chapter on flood geology in his book 'Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters.'

By Thomas M. (not verified) on 04 Jan 2009 #permalink

oh, how interesting. thanks for the mention of this DVD since i didn't even know it exists (but now i will add it to my christmas list .. hey, maybe i can talk him into sending me a DVD as a review copy?)