Don Prothero Speaks To the Public Tomorrow in NYC

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Professor of Geology and popular author, Don Prothero, will be speaking in NYC TOMORROW at the New York City Skeptics about evolution and his book, Evolution: What The Fossils Say And Why it Matters [my review]. Even though we're email pals, I've never before met him in real life, so I am really looking forward to this. [Note: rumor has it that we shall reaquaint ourselves with the pubs of the UWS while he is here, too]

Who: Donald Prothero
What: public presentation, "Evolution: What The Fossils Say And Why it Matters."
When: 10 January 2009, 1300 (hey man, that's tomorrow!)
Where: University Settlement at 184 Eldridge St. (at Rivington St., two
blocks south of Houston [map])
Admission: FREE!!! Just bring yourself, your questions and your copies of his books (for autographs, of course!)

I'll be there and I hope that you will be, too.

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I went and it was an interesting lecture. A lot of the people in the audience were angry at creationists. Any negative comments about creationists were given a round of cheering and applause.