Harry Potter and the Magical Kiss

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Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) kissed by Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagall)
World Premiere of Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince at the Empire Leicester Square cinema, London, England.

Image: WENN.com

Kiss kiss, kiss: it seems that everyone is thinking about kissy-face (snogging as the Brits say) -- and Harry Potter. In fact, after reading all those skanky tabloids, I've learned that Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) is an excellent kisser while Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) could use some further instruction in this area. On the other hand, the kissing abilities remain unreported for the young women who are characters in the Harry Potter films. Hrm. Are women the only people who "Kiss and Tell"?

Anyway, since I am eagerly anticipating the premier of the next Harry Potter film (even though I live in NYC, I've had my tix for the premier in Helsinki for weeks now), and I am just as susceptible to general silliness as the next person, I had to design a little poll for us to have some harmless fun with. The question: Which Harry Potter characters would you most like to see kiss?

I am not limiting this poll to kisses that "actually" take place in the books. Instead, I am including all those other potential kissing events that I had hoped would happen as well. You can choose more than one answer per response but you are limited to only one poll response per day, so you have to return each day to stack the vote for your favorites. The poll is below the jump and I'll add it to my sidebar to prolong our fun (hopefully I won't break my blog in the process), but if you wish to add comments regarding your Harry Potter "kiss wish list", please feel free to add them here (I may not read all the comments at the polling page)! Moochas smoochas, everyone!

Which Harry Potter characters do you most wish would kiss?
Harry and Hermione
Harry and Luna
Harry and Cho
Harry and Ginny
Hermione and Viktor
Hermione and Neville
Hermione and Ron
Hermione and Draco
Ron and Lavender
Neville and Luna
Hagrid and Olympe
Lupin and Tonks
Ginny and Arnold the Pygmy Puff
Filch and Mrs. Norris
Dobby and Winky

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What - no choices like "Harry and Hagrid"? How about the "familiars"?

By MadScientist (not verified) on 09 Jul 2009 #permalink

... like the grrls -- you know this!
Yeah, I know, I know. But Harry and Draco would still be teh hot!

First - I love that I mostly follow you for your science news but that you throw in fun stuff like Harry Potter (which I'm also a HUGE fan of). Definitely makes it worth regular reading.

Second - I wanted to thank you, because we've been looking for a free, simple way to put a poll on our website (we're having a coolest scientist ever tournament!) and hadn't found anything quite right yet, and the service you used was perfect for us.

Hope you're having lots of fun on your trip!

I think Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore would have been a good one to throw in

If only Dumbledore weren't gay (though maybe he was bisexual).

And where are all the slash options?

By Anonymous (not verified) on 10 Jul 2009 #permalink

I a such a fan of harry potter i would love soooo much to star well not star thats harrys job ya know like be a charikter in it but not just a backround person like one that harry actually talks to yeah that would be sooo cool i am like his biggest fan i know all the spells well most of them i know winggardimg leveoser sorry i dont know how to spell it the flying one uchio and all of those sort of ones.

sorry i forgotte to say that im only a kid im eleven nextg year im 12