Last Chance to See: Kakapo Parrot Encounter with Stephen Fry

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Parrot lovers will especially enjoy this video, but anyone who enjoys birds and who wishes to protect endangered species will like it also. Following in the footsteps of Douglas Adams, Stephen Fry joins Mark Carwardine to travel to some of the most remote places on earth in search of endangered animals. In this case, he meets a Kakapo, Strigops habroptilus, a round, sweet-smelling green parrot that lives in New Zealand.

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I am very jealous of all you peeps who live in the UK: BBC Two is starting this series, Last Chance to See tomorrow! Alas, I cannot see it.

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"Last Chance to See" is my very favorite book by Douglas Adams, and certainly in my top 5 books of all time. I hope this comes out legally in some way in Canada, so I can pay back the producers for shamelessly downloading this the second this hits the torrent trackers.

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