Reader Poll: Which Picture is More Symmetric?

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This is a poll. I will show you two pictures, and ask you to tell me which picture is more symmetric. Your votes are tabulated after you've clicked on that picture:

Now that you've participated in my little poll, I want to share some information about my own fund-raising efforts for DonorsChoose:

Those pictures tell us that collectively, we've:

  1. provided resources to 550 students
  2. supported 66 hours of instruction and homework

Oh boy! Sixty-six hours of classroom instruction AND HOMEWORK?? That's almost demonic! (Get it? 66 is almost 666 .. oh, nevermind!) I can almost hear the screams of childhood agony now .. "homework! aaiiieeee!" This is music to my ears! And it should be music to your ears too, because kids LOVE complaining about homework -- complaining is an essential part of the job description of what it is to be a kid. Complaining about homework gives kids special pride because this is how they score those very essential smug points amongst their peers. So let's be sure to help hundreds more kids fulfill their childhood job description by providing them with something really important to complain about! It doesn't cost much for you to help them fulfill their job description!

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Weirdly, my 6 year old great-nephew actually likes homework. Not that he gets a lot, at his age.