Even Hitler Made a Hitler Parody

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If you've been following the Hitler Parodies video meme on YouTube (197 unique videos so far!), then you'll appreciate this amusing parody where Hitler himself tries to jump on the bandwagon.

(I am standing in a restaurant in Germany, viewing this video and the waitress just looked over my shoulder .. GAH! I hope this isn't illegal here!)

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Danke - That was uber funny, and is absolutely, the last time I watch a Hitler meme vid. I swear! Until the next funny one.

Why should it? it's a German movie and the clip is also available by youtube.de

I don't find Hitler funny. Maybe it's the Jewish in me.

Hitler is funny, and Der Untergang is a powerful film. Strongly recommended.

Er, and by "Hitler," I of course meant "this clip, and all other related memes." The man himself was not so funny.