Science and the Importance of Cheese

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This video is a trailer for a movie proposal by protein crystallographer, Stephen Curry. If he is lucky, he will continue on to the June 2010 rounds of the online program, "I'm a scientist, get me out of here!" targeted at teens. He proposes to make this film if he is voted to win the â¤500 award.

"I'm a Scientist, Get me out of Here!" is a new online program targeted to UK teenagers. This program's goals are to provide teens access to real scientists, to provide them the opportunity to get beyond stereotypes about scientists, to learn how science relates to real life and to provide the scientists with feedback on their communication style -- can the scientists explain their work to teenagers? Hundreds of teens ask the scientists questions online about what they do, and they vote for the scientist they want to win â¤500. Stephen Curry, who also was one of the hosts for Scientia Pro Publica, is one of the scientists, and here is his blog entry explaining this stage of the competition.

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