Massive stretches of weathered oil spotted in Gulf of Mexico

Like rumours of Mark Twain's death, the claims of the disappearance of BP's oil spill have been greatly exagerated.


From the Times-Picyune of New Orleans. Additional photos here. These pictures are only a few days old.

Watch/Listen/Read this interview from DemocracyNow! as well:

we hear that five million barrels of oil were released from the Macondo well. We know that [ 362] miles were oiled in four states, 400 species of animals threatened from this, 400 controlled burns that killed hundreds of sea turtles and untold numbers of dolphins and sea mammals. We're told that it's over, that the story is gone, as is the oil. And what I can tell you in reflecting over six months is that the oil is not gone. The people are still there, and they're getting sicker and sicker.

This story is only over in the world of US mainstream media and the eyes of the Obama administration, the real impacts will be severe and ongoing for decades.

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Itere has been many oil spills in the last couple years, and it's very sad that these preventable problems keep occuring. Humans have done something no living thing has done. We have caused a mass extinction, and it isn't just from these major oil spills that's killing our wildlife. Little things like this should be prevented as much as possible to preserve the earth because there are many more things that are destroying the earth.

yeah yeah and what else is new

Cmon you cant even believe the CITZENS of people that had to clean their boats for hours with heavy duty cleaners to remove the junk and too add they all said it was brown like old car oil, plus smelled like oil. Algae stays in a group shaped closer to a circle or blob not streaked out LOOKING like a river of spilled gasoline...

Was that BP's, Halliburton and Transocean's oil spill?

By Jack Savage (not verified) on 27 Oct 2010 #permalink

Phil @ 6 - it's an old denier meme, they're basically claiming it's a natural cycle

By Dappledwater (not verified) on 27 Oct 2010 #permalink

Be nice if there was some yardstick to gauge this with, as well as a small sample analysis.

Otherwise, not a science blog, just another scare site.

By Ormond Otvos (not verified) on 29 Oct 2010 #permalink