(OT) What happens when you drop your video camera

Not related to anything really, but I find it a good laugh when this GoPro camera falls out of an airplane.  There are a couple of surprising things...

Just because it's Friday.

Note: It seems there is some skepticism as to whether this is real or not, I personally don't find anything implausible about it if you can accept the unlikeliness of it specific landing spot...

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It's far more then that. The camera stabilized itself. Then, it managed to focus itself on the exact landing spot (unlikely as hell), then it survived the impact, then at just the right opportune moment, the cow shows up, AND the lense is perfectly aligned to video the cow action.

So it's fake, through and through.

By Survival Acres (not verified) on 24 Mar 2014 #permalink

I am open to the idea, but you have not really supported your viewpoint...

Firstly, not sure what you mean by "stabilized itself". It went into a spin and did not come out of it. The rate of rotation came close to matching some multiple of the frame rate of the camera, hence the image did appear to stabilize. The ground was indeed in the camera's view, but that seems more like a fifty-fifty chance occurrence not "unlikely as hell". I don't find it hard to believe that a GoPro can survive a fall where it reaches its terminal velocity. The pig showing up only requires it was nearby and curious.

I will grant that the view switched from down to up after impact (convenient) and the lens stayed clean (that one does seem a stretch).