TED - Gavin Schmidt on climate modeling

In the video below Gavin Schmidt gives a "TED Talk" on climate models, taking us from an overview of their construction to the resulting emergent processes and their skill at reproducing much more than a global average temperature trend.

Gavin is an excellent communicator and a true hero in humanity's fight against itself over the impending and tragic disruption of our global ecosystem services.  Well worth the 12 or so minutes to watch!

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It is very nice . thx

By hakan umar (not verified) on 07 May 2014 #permalink

Relating to Japan's space solar harnessing project,http://www.iflscience.com/technology/japan-wants-put-giant-solar-farm-s… , If microwaves produced by limited energy supply can be deflected and redirected by HAARP within our atmosphere, and also when focused can open massive holes in the ionosphere and ozone layers, what can be done tenfold with unlimited energy from the sun? Microwave the entire planet if a malfunction were to happen, and tethering anything to the earth could result in claimed ownership of atmospheric regions beyond the mess of airspace regulations already in place as well as creating the idiotic opportunity of harnessing our planets water through these technologies in the future. Microwaves super excite water molecules, but they also cause what equate to lightning bolts if they encounter metals, and metals exist in dirt, rock, magma, and with chem-spraying barium, aluminum and strontium into the atmosphere. Very very dangerous path to pursue.

By Johnny Bransford (not verified) on 20 May 2014 #permalink

HAARP? (groooaannnnn - not another conspiracy)

Looks like we better get Sean Connery back - sounds like the plot of Diamonds are Forever.

What I sense in the video is the missing guidance of Gavin by his mentor and still mental superior Jim Hansen. Left alone now at GISS the guys there have a truly difficult life now showing own profile and credibility.

Has this blog already died? Where are the low-profile climate alarmists mandams, woew etc?

Is it really true that Gavin is the new GISS director? I cannot believe this since he is only a computer modeller and no meteorologist.

That's always been your problem freddy - your worldview is constructed around beliefs rather than facts and evidence.

mannda, you are plainly wrong. I rely only on facts. My question was, whether Gavin is really the new director of GISS?

".... I rely only on facts....."

Great joke freddy! You are a funny man!