"These Are Law-Abiding Citizens Who Did Everything They Were Told to Do"

One of the most shameful things about the destruction of New Orleans was the attempt to blame the victims.

Too many Americans--disproportionately Republican--could not rationalize two beliefs:

  1. Americans and George Bush are good people.
  2. These same good people deserted other Americans and left them to die.

So they blamed the victim, rather than accepting responsibility for electing what might be the most incompetent--often by design--administration in U.S. history.


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I saw a lot more people blaming the mayor and the governor than I saw blaming the victims - quite rightfully, too. Blanco still hasn't gotten her act together and it might have helped if race-pandering scumbag Ray "Chocolate City" Nagin actually had the plan he claimed to have. Don't forget all those other politicians in Louisiana who squandered all the money that could have went to enforcing the levees, kind of like Minnesota's politicians.

In fact, New Orleans appears to be a bottomless money pit:

So, the president and Mrs. Bush went down to New Orleans to commemorate the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Who knows? Maybe over a latte with leading Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards they discussed spending even more money down there. After all, everyone seems to be saying New Orleans needs more cash.

Here's a pop quiz: How much money has Uncle Sam spent on New Orleans and the Gulf region since Hurricane Katrina ripped the place apart?

I'll give you the answer because you'll never guess it. The grand total is $127 billion (including tax relief).

That's right: a monstrous $127 billion. Of course, not a single media story has highlighted this gargantuan government-spending figure. But that number came straight from the White House in a fact sheet subtitled, "The Federal Government Is Fulfilling Its Commitment to Help the People of the Gulf Coast Rebuild."

Per person?

You might be asking, Where in the hell did all this money go? Well, the White House fact sheet says $24 billion has been used to build houses and schools, repair damaged infrastructure, and provide victims with a place to live. But isn't everyone complaining about the lack of housing?

Perhaps all this money should've been directly deposited in the bank accounts of the 300,000 people living in New Orleans. All divvied up, that $127 billion would come to $425,000 per person! After thanking Uncle Sam for their sudden windfall, residents could head to Southern California and buy homes that are now on sale thanks to the sub-prime mortgage crisis and bid up the sagging house prices in the state.

Wow, Mike C, you're a pretty enormous fucking moron.

The money that was supposed to go to rebuilding NOLA went to the same place the money that was supposed to go to Iraq went: the coffers of Bush Administration donators who were given loads of no-bid contracts.


Of course, what can you expect from someone who get's political information from the National Fucking Review Online?

"kind of like Minnesota's politicians."

Well, Louisiana handled New Orleans affairs quite well, with regard to using Fedral funds for infrastructure, wouldn't you say?

The solution to corruption and unproductive meddling is not to give control of Federal funds to state level politicians.