Conservatives: Still Disappearing African-Americans From the South

In this case, South Carolina. From Steve M.:

I was reminded of this when I glanced at Jacob Weisberg's Jon Huntsman profile in Vogue and my eye fell on this this har-har-har good-ol'-boy anecdote about a Huntsman campaign appearance in Greer, South Carolina:

Henry McMaster, the state's silver-haired former attorney general, then makes the political tenor of the room explicit when he rises to introduce Jon Huntsman in his thick-as-gravy drawl. "Some of you folks may remembah that I made a pledge that I looked forward to the day Democrats in South Carolina were so rare we'd have to start huntin' em with dawgs," McMaster intones. "It's come true! You cay-ant find any!"

Good grief.

Now, some of you will read this as racism -- in reality, what's left of the Democratic Party in South Carolina is mostly black. McMaster would have no trouble finding African-American Democrats in the state, but they're irrelevant to him. The only population that counts for him is the white Democratic population.

Sadly, this is par for the course:

What I've always found puzzling is that the argument on behalf of the Confederate flag always revolves around "southern tradition", "culture", "pride", "way of life", "history", or some other hooey. The huge percentage of blacks (between 15-40%) in the antebellum South--and the Jim Crow South too--are completely invisible. Yet how can you think of the South without black people?

So let's be clear: when these defenders of the American Swastika say "Southern", they actually mean Southern and white. Blacks, I guess, aren't 'real' Southerners. I guess Ralph Ellison's estate isn't going to go broke anytime soon. This is a subtle, but insidious, form of subjugation: the denial of the 'other's' existence.

But we're in a post-racial America and all of that. Apparently, African-American votes don't count as much.

I thinking maybe three-fifths?

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That's just disturbing.

Also disturbing is Huntsman's idea that lower corporate taxes and less regulation will fix things for you guys...

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LOL ... Commenting on a site about the sites alleged violation of copyright law, and particularly asking what can be done to report it and have the site creators penalized, makes one seem downright stupid.

For his next trick he might go down to where the enterprising gentlemen offer at-the-curb retail sales of recreational drugs and ask them if he might borrow a cell phone to report their illegal sales to the police. Call me ahead of time so I can set up the video camera to capture the fun. Assuming he lives, it might be quite educational.

"Apparently, African-American votes don't count as much."

Why with the proposed re-instatement of Jim Crowish voting requirements in so many southern states pretty soon black voters won't be counted at all.