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Personally, I aspire to being a Social Media Smurf. Check out this amusing yet pointed post by Eric Stoller: You Are Not a Social Media Jedi, Ninja, Sherpa, or Guru. A little taste: They are everywhere. On Twitter profiles, blog bios, and Facebook pages across the social media sphere, inflated…
Ah, zombies. I found myself feeling a certain, ah, nostalgia for the good old days when I used to post non-stop about shambling dead, decaying wrecks. The good old days, way back at the beginning of July and even earlier. I seem to be obsessed. So, from Cracked: 7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie…
Ooooh, what lovely fun: it's a short photoessay of a squid dissection. I think the photo of the gut contents ought to be made available in a much larger size so it can be used as a desktop image, though.

I get to see this every September when the 5th-graders from a local private school come out to tag monarchs. It's fun, and sciency, too!

Do any of these places offer host plants to participants? A nonprofit native garden I go to hands out native plants to everyone signed up for their events, and I thought what a genius idea that is.

Good old days! I used to do some butterfly hunting long time ago, but as I grew up I became more anti-butterfly hunter and discouraged anyone who did it just for fun!

What you don't know is that to the left of these children there was a giant swarm of killer bees chasing them. RUN!

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