The one that got away

From the not-like-I-planned-it file:


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I have so-o-o-oh many like that!

By James C. Trager (not verified) on 03 Jun 2010 #permalink

The wood is nicely focused!

I'll hazard a guess - one of the prionine cerambycids, either Derobrachus (if you were still out in AZ) or Orthosoma (if taken since your move to IL)?

Did the wood blink?

By MrIloveTheAnts (not verified) on 03 Jun 2010 #permalink

Niche shoot. And talking about field depth I was wondering if you could please re-post, or reply me with a link, to the article were you talked about that cool free software that lets you merge down microscope pictures so you can have images with complete fiel depth like the ones in AntWeb. I've been looking for that page the whole afternoon but I just can't find it. Thanks!!!

Hey gmramon, I hope Alex wont mind me beeing faster then him:
both Zerene Stacker (free trial,
as well as combine ZP (free download, google will spit out something)
are the going softwares for this type of picture stacking.
I prefer the first one for the complexity but easy handling and video tutorial.

I'm not sure if Alex would show a non-entomological picture. The "wood" is bound to be some bug in disguise.