This Week's Top Stories (Mar. 7-13, 2010)

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While we regularly post lengthy discussions on Obesity Panacea, there are many research updates, news stories, videos, etc. in the field of obesity, physical activity and nutrition that we come across on a daily basis that never grace the pages of the blog. Most of these mini-stories we share with our followers on Twitter, and we encourage those of you with active Twitter accounts to communicate with us there to get real-time updates of all the stuff we are discussing (Follow Peter and/or Follow Travis). For those of you who shy away from Twitter, enjoy below the best mini-stories that we came across during the prior week along with links to the original source so that you can follow the full story. 

  • Great JAMA commentary on need for more and better science education in the US (JAMA
  • New study: How appropriate is a BMI of ⥠35 as the major prerequisite for access to bariatric surgery? (Obesity)
  • Can Obese Doctors Help Obese Patients? (Dr. Sharma's Obesity Notes)
  • Will booze make you skinny? Dr. Yoni Freedhoff takes a critical look at the study which is making headlines suggesting alcohol consumption is associated with lower body weight. (Weighty Matters)
  • The Onion News responds with a related story: Study Finds Link Between Red Wine, Letting Mother Know What You Really Think. (Onion News
  • Canada's sport plan now that Own the Podium has finished ( and
  • The physics of an inclined treadmill (Starts with a Bang! )
  • Is stretching before exercise good for you? Quite the opposite, actually. (Sweat Science)
  • Very Cool: Scientific evidence of popular supplements visualized (Nutritional Blogma)

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Unfortunately only the abstract is visible on the BMI prerequisite for bariatric surgery study. Paywalls for science = fail

PLoS one is win.