The gauntlet is down!

i-c136745cbb529375ece3f48547bc7248-johnedward-psychic.jpgFor those of you who don't know, James Randi setup a million dollar prize for a psychic to prove that they are truly psychic. Here are the details:

Currently, claiming the money takes a few steps: An initiate first has to submit a notarized application, agree with the foundation on a test protocol, then pass a preliminary test administered by independent local investigators. Should the would-be psychic pass the first test, under the agreed-upon rules, all that remains is to repeat his or her success in front of Randi -- then, poof, a psychic millionaire is born.

No one has won the prize yet (obviously)...a whole lot of nut jobs have come out of the wood works but not many of the big showbiz psychics, like John Edward, have stepped up to the plate - so Randi revamped the prize.... here's some details:

In 10 years, though, nobody's passed the preliminary exam. The most recent one was administered in Stockholm in October, when Swedish medium Carina Landin tried to identify the gender of the authors of 20 diaries by touching the covers. She got 12 right; 16 was the agreed-upon threshold for success. (The foundation plans to re-administer Landin's test following revelations that several of the diaries were older than stipulated in the protocol.)
Ten years after stage magician and avowed skeptic James Randi first offered a seven-figure payday to anyone capable of demonstrating paranormal phenomenon under scientific scrutiny, the 79-year-old clear-eyed curmudgeon is revising the rules of his nonprofit foundation's Million Dollar Challenge to better target high-profile charlatans, and spend less time on unknown psychics, who too often turn out to be delusional instead of deceptive.

The gauntlet is down John Edward! Take the challenge you fraud!
Seriously though - would his schtick be any less impressive if he just dropped the psychic lie?

Here's the wired article and the homepage of the million dollar challenge

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Are you claiming that John Edward would not make a good candidate for US president? That could set off another hoo-ha.

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haha... that's john edwardS hahah....
I don't think dailyKOS will be after us for this one ;)

I just knew he'd do this!