If you live in Canada you can get a lobotomy for only $300

i-0fbdce879334a12b90eaab4eaaed5250-lobotomy-billboard.jpgHave you ever wanted a pre-frontal lobotomy?! I know I have!
Just think, by severing connections to your pre-frontal cortex (or just destroying the whole darn thing instead) you can have drastic personality changes! You could even skip that and go straight to mental retardation! Of course we're not sure here at Omni Brain what technique they're using up there in Canada for the lobotomies there are just so many great ones!

You could drill holes in people's heads and then inject alcohol, you could drill a hole in the head and just remove whatever brain matter happens to be sitting around there, or... you could use the classic ice pick through the tear duct then do a little hammering and wiggling. Personally I think I would go for the hammered and wiggled ice pick. I'm betting there isn't much drilling involved in the Canadian procedure. One would imagine that the insurance costs would be much higher for those techniques.

Ok.. I'm full of shit. This is really an art installation. Check out the semi not safe for work video below (there's some potty mouth):

According to BlogTO:

One of the more interesting and controversial installation pieces at Nuit Blanche this year was by Toronto's Dan Bergeron (aka fauxreel). Well known to Toronto, Dan took his billboard hack style one step further this time. By including a live phone number and recording the messages left by his viewers, he was able to make his piece interactive.

-via Neatorama-

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I believe it was George Gobel who said, "I'd rather have a free bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy."

Actually, I think it was Tom Waits who said "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy".

Uninspired, vapid, tasteless and offensive.

Edward Kienholz's The State Hospital would have been far more relevant in this space. Dan Bergeron, I hope you undergo psychiatric "treatment".

And Steve, you have just validated my opinion that most people in psychology would meet the DSM criteria for psychopathy.

Right on, Jenny!!!

I actually started a little "club" a few months back with some of my associates... we find people who post these little ads, and basically follow them around for a while, you know, scare a little sense into them. Maybe you'd be interested in joining us? It's a rush, and it's for a good cause.

These PSYCHOlogists think they understand anything about the inner workings of the brain, idiots!!!!

Let me know if you're interested, maybe we can meet up and scare some sense into these psychopaths.