The Anatomy of a Balloon Dog

Pneumatic Anatomica by ~freeny on deviantART

I really like how the hemispheres of the brain are forced to be especially separated by the physical structure of the balloon dog. I wonder if there are any behavioral implications?

-via boingboing- and here's the original.

The artist says this:

Artist's Comments
After months of observations, dissections and a 25 minute intro to clown school, I have finally successfully mapped the inter workings of the domestic balloon dog.

NEWS! This piece will be featured in the next issue of "Hi Fructose" magazine.


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I thought that part of the dog was its ears! The brain is much lower in the head and not separated, in my opinion.

By Katherine Moore (not verified) on 24 Oct 2007 #permalink

That is not what helium looks like

By douchebag (not verified) on 24 Oct 2007 #permalink

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, I guess. This one reminds me of Odie. Also, this image rocks, so don't let Katherine get to you, Steve.