Psychopharmacologist Song

I couldn't wait for Multimedia Friday to post this video, it's just too funny.

I Am the Very Model of a Psychopharmacologist is set to Gilbert and Sullivan's classic song with animation. Created by Stephen M Stahl, MD, PhD, of the Neurosciences Education Institute, Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California San Diego, author of Essential Psychopharmacology. Credentials for neuropsychopharmacological hilarity.

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That absolutely made my day!

Simply brilliant

By bluthetan (not verified) on 21 Nov 2007 #permalink

If you like this you will LOVE Adam Kay and Suman Biswas's "Fitness to Practice" check it out at (warning, definitely NOT suitable for work!!!) You can listen to whole tracks and buy the DVD and 10% of all proceeds go straight to Macmillan Cancer Relief. "London Underground" is hilarious and very rude and has been a big underground (get it!!!) hit in the UK.

A must for all psychiatry and primary care residents!!

That was the funniest thing I've heard in ages - and I love Tom Lehrer too! I'm going to send it to all my favourite trickcyclists . . .

By Mrs Hilary Vic… (not verified) on 27 Nov 2007 #permalink

This is so funny! It speaks (sings!) to me in so many ways... I was brought up with both my parents being into acting in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas and dragged along and since then have become one myself. This is one song that keeps coming back in SO many forms.

I too must spent my afternoon now sending it to the scores (pun intended) of Gilbert and Sullivan fans I know.

Thank you!

Peace, love and understanding.

~ RubyShooZ ~

I am a musician and a psychiatric survivor. This song is brilliant and everyone who works in the 'mental health system' should be forced to listen to it to experience what it is like to have the boot on the other foot!! I am joking as I don't believe in force as it is an inhuman way to behave.

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This is hilarious. I am a layman but have read and enjoyed Dr. Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology. I must share this with my psychiatrist, who I'm sure will enjoy it. I don't know a catchy term to label myself the opposite of a so-called "psychiatric survivor". Mental illness survivor? Liberated by Psy-Meds? At any rate very grateful for Dr. Stahl and at least 90% of those hardworking caring souls in the mental health field. They saved my life, my marriage, my present and future. Ditto for my wife, son daughter, various friends etc. Some people are butchered by incompetent surgeons. Diseases are misdiagnosed or mistreated in all fields by accident or mal-practice. Yet I've never seen someone term themselves a "surgery survivor" or the like. Only in the MH field do people blame the caregivers as a whole for the faults of some or the limitations of the state of the art. It took years to find a good treatment for me and it was no picnic. Hardly my doctor's fault.

By Terry Reeves (not verified) on 09 Jan 2008 #permalink