MM Friday - Amygdaloids

This Friday is a holiday (in America, at least) and what's better on a holiday than a rerun? Yay for reruns. So, I've written about the Amygdaloids before, but here's an introduction video in case you didn't see it (or want to enjoy it again). Also, this band of rockin' cognitive scientists has a CD available now.

The Amygdaloids: Live concert at Union Hall

Preview their new CD here (buy it here) alongside descriptions of each brain-based song.

"Past lovers often leave strong and enduring memories. 'A Trace' tells a story about this. Memory researchers in the know will figure out that the scientific theme underlying this song is the dominant trace theory."

'Memory Pill' tells a more controversial theory related to some of lead singer/neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux's research on memory, while the 'Mind-Body Problem' in their song is a classic one.

Here's another video of them in a concert at Madison Square Gardens, getting The Wave. More info.

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Wow... these guys are terrible. Funny but terrible!