LSD in the military - a picture show.

It seems that there are some cool pictures/film floating around showing some of the results of the wacky shit that the military did back in the day in order to win wars in some very very unconventional ways. Here's something NPR dug up:

The Army had a few periods of experimenting with LSD and other drugs. While not secret, these tests are not as well-known as some of the similar LSD tests conducted by the CIA, such as MK-ULTRA and Operation Paperclip, where the U.S. government recruited former Nazi scientists.

This test, circa 1958, was conducted at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland and was part of a Chemical Corps program that sought effective psychochemical incapacitants, to be delivered in aerosol form. Apparently, President Eisenhower was enthusiastic about the program and its possibilities.

In the end, LSD proved to be problematic -- it was too expensive, it was unstable once airborne, and there were patent complications -- but the program did lead to Agent BZ, which was weaponized but never used in combat.

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Yep, I was in the Chemical Corps from 94-98. We watched all kinds of videos like that one. Everything from LSD spray on an Army Artillery unit, to nerve agent on a goat.