Friday Cephalopod: The good news about global warming

We're making the planet a better place for cephalopods. It also helps that humans are busily destroying teleost populations.

David Wiltshire

P.S. There's a video at the link titled "8 reasons octopuses rule the oceans". Don't bother with it. It is 8 incredibly idiotic reasons that have nothing to do with their success. I felt stupider after watching it.

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Even the cephalopods won't do well in the end. If we dial up our planetary thermostat all the way to an 'end permian' magnitude extinction fest then only cockroaches-and-below will make it out alive. For any who find that really upsetting, and would like to effectively oppose it, please go to and read the essay that you'll find there. There is still time to win, but not through the strategies that we've been using.

By Keith Sewell (not verified) on 25 Jun 2017 #permalink

Given that the reading comprehension is definetely not a See Noevo's strong point, his utter and complete failure to understand that the unwilingness of many "Millenials" (not to mention the baby boomers and their deranged manchild-in-chief, who frankly has almost nothing to lose, as far as their life expectation is concerned) to (directly) financially support fight against global warming actually benefits (at least in the short term) our future cephalopod successors. :-)

can anybody here help me relate cephalopods with immunology?

By ANGELIN BENITA (not verified) on 27 Jun 2017 #permalink

nobody here?

By ANGELIN BENITA (not verified) on 03 Jul 2017 #permalink

You just can just wait for the Seenoevo's reaction then, as he's somewhat prone to express really strong opinions on problems he completely fails to understand. :-)

No offence, but [to] "help relate cephalopods with immunology" does not even seem (at least to me) to be a meaningfully worded "assignment" - it does not specify if you've meant cephalopod immunology or something other, and it's completely unrelated to the original blog post above.

not assignment im trying to relate my academic project -_-

By ANGELIN BENITA (not verified) on 06 Jul 2017 #permalink