Scienceblogs Upgrade

Scienceblogs is upgrading. This site won't allow comments from 10pm Pacific Standard Time on Friday, January 9 until...well until the upgrade is complete (possibly Saturday sometime.)

So instead of being frustrated at not being able to comment why don't you instead go waste your time by:

  • By reading some provocative statements about teaching over at the information processors blog.
  • If you need to procrastinate about preparing a referee report, you might check out Michael Nielsen's Three myths of scientific peer review
  • The Statistical Mechanic is back, and discussing thermodynamics, probability, and the measurement problem. If you actually want to expand your brain instead of waste your time, this would be a good place to do so.
  • Copco and Iron Gate, will they be demolished in 2020? The county hopes to be involved.
  • Read articles from the perspective of a view not often heard at Secular Right
  • Read a book from the list of free books about the market put together by the Master of the Universe.

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