Which Physicist Are You?

..asks a facebook application.

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Apparently I am the kind of physicist who likes proper spelling and proper capitalization, and who thus, will not take a quiz with bad spelling. Which physicist is that? Gell-Mann?

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Peter Irons wrote a letter to Murray Gell-Mann. Dear Dr. Gell-Mann, You may (or may not) know that Stuart Pivar has included on the jacket and promotional materials for his new book, On the Origin of Form, a purported endorsement by you of the book, which reads: "This is the discovery of the…
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Murray Gell-Mann always makes me laugh. Via Asymptotia here is what Murray said while giving a Ted talk:I won't go into a lot of stuff about quantum mechanics and what it's like and so on...you've heard a lot of wrong things about it anyway! Which got me wondering: is more said which is wrong…

Which physicists is that?

What's the rule that says that any Internet post complaining about bad spelling has to have a typo or spelling error?

On topic: It reminds me of the story of how Einstein fended off one woman's advances. She pointed out that a child with his brains and her looks would naturally go far. He supposedly replied, "But what if the child has your brains and my looks?"

By Eric Lund (not verified) on 03 Apr 2009 #permalink

You must have read the RSS feed. That error was up there for exactly 15 seconds :)

Don't be silly. Every physicist at Caltech knew that Gell-Mann named the quark to prove that he'd read all of James Joyce and the others had not. No, wait a minute. That supports your hypothesis. James Joyce is roughly equal to Shakespeare in the number of distinct words used in the corpus of their published oeuvre.

> James Joyce is roughly equal to Shakespeare in the number of
> distinct words used in the corpus of their published oeuvre.

I suspect Joyce may have the edge, but then he took some liberties with the language.

I took the quiz for the hell of it and was told I am "Isaac Newton." I am disappointed. I had hoped to be "Dave Bacon."

Oh, and the guy who made the quiz does not appear to be a native English speaker and that may explain things a bit.

I must be stuck on a CTC. I still get Which physicists is that? Gell-Mann?

Strange works for me. Oh, maybe you are looking at the html address? That's still messed up.

Re: your brains and my looks.

I take (minimal) pride in being smarter and stronger than O.J. Simpson and Stephen Hawking.

By Tracy Hall (not verified) on 04 Apr 2009 #permalink