@dabacon Shameless Self-Promotion

The Shorty Awards have a category called "bacon." Your vote for @dabacon will, I promise, result in a great increase in your pork-based karma. And voting doesn't even clog your arteries!

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I voted for you Dave, and I too do not have Twitter! You didn't say what category, so I picked "science." I hope as reward you'll let me shamelessly promote myself too, so I proudly announce that I have become a center of controversy at your rival (?) Chad Orzel's site "Uncertain Principles." He thinks I'm wrong in my critique (name link) of the decoherence interpretation in quantum mechanics. Check out his post http://scienceblogs.com/principles/2010/01/neil_bates_owes_me_160.php/
You guys and gals should pitch in! What I really need is support for at least getting the empirical prediction right, if I can convince you I did, aside from what it would mean.

I couldn't get a single on of my almost 600 Facebook "friends" to vote for my paper in the 2009 FQXi Essay Contest. One of the winners, Sabine, has fine and popular Physics blog. Just saying...