MJ, Fame, Writing, and More

If you're desperate for something to fill your Friday afternoon, and not the comment-leaving sort, you could do a lot worse than spending an hour and a half (give or take) with Chuck Klosternman and Bill Simmons in their two part ESPN podcast. It's nominally about sports, but they spend a good bit of time talking about Michael Jackson (in a sensible way, not a vapid-entertainment-reporter way), the effects of fame, the effect of writing for an audience, and a bunch of other interesting stuff.

It's about a week old, but I only got around to it yesterday. It's worth a listen, though. It also provided the information that Klosterman has a new book coming out in October, which gives me something to look forward to this fall (besides football season)...

(Klosterman is another extremely dangerous writer for me-- I love his stuff, but after reading a bunch of his essays, I have to be very careful writing for the blog, or I end up doing second-rate Chuck Klosterman posts...)

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I enjoy hearing Klosterman on Simmons' podcasts. I'd love it if Klosterman had his own podcast of interviews (well, discussions) with interesting people.

I second the recommendation.