I Want to Boot Some Head, Too

In the interest of household balance, I should note that while The Pip was home sick, SteelyKid had her first taekwondo class. She spent a week bugging us every day about wanting to go, and it falls entirely within the time of her after-school day care, so we said sure. Of course, on the actual day, she had to be basically pushed down there by her teachers, and sat most of the class out because she wasn't familiar with what they were supposed to be doing. She assures me she was watching carefully, though, and next week will do the moves with them. We'll see.

The important thing here is that it provides more opportunities. For her, an opportunity to wear the spiffy new outfit seen in the "featured image" above. And for me, the opportunity to confuse her by saying things like "Oh, yeah? Well, the best dee-fense is a good oh-fense. Know who said that? Mel, the cook on Alice."

This is the third regular activity we've signed her up for, the first two being soccer (which she's been doing for a couple of years) and dance (which she started a month or so ago). And if NPR is to be believed, this should position her well for her stated career goal of growing up to be a scientist. Though right now we'd settle for getting her tired enough to go to sleep a little faster than she does.

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By Mark--> (not verified) on 24 Oct 2013 #permalink

Oh, your dojo gives out the belt for first class? Don't tell my kids. They had to earn a belt by promising to respect mother and father. Lasted all of 2 weeks, but at least introduced the concept.