Programming Note: Book-Related Silence

I got some feedback from my editor about draft chapters of the book-in-progress a while ago, and while it was generally pretty positive, there's a lot of work to be done. Shortly after that, I realized there was a big and awkward gap in the material I had, which involved a lot of frantic research and (re)writing to fix, so I'm not as far along in the revising as I'd like to be. And since I'd like to make the original end-of-the-year deadline for completing the manuscript, for a variety of reasons, that means some intense work in the next few weeks. Which, in turn, means a significant redirection of effort away from social media activity, including this blog.

I'm not going to go completely dark-- writing and re-writing is almost certain to turn up occasional tidbits that don't fit in the book but may inspire blog posts-- but I'm going to be pretty scarce. Which, of course, comes on the heels of a really good two-month stretch for the blog, in terms of both traffic and content. Typical.

Anyway, if you were hoping for something like the Advent calendar of physics from a couple of years ago, you're not going to get it. It's more likely to be quick little posts and occasional cute-kid pictures from now until January. At which point, normal blogging will resume. Assuming I have any brains left by then.

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Dammit, now my Xmas music is going to suck! :)