Read Science! on Dog Physics

As noted earlier, I was a guest on the Read Science! hangout on G+ earlier today. If you weren't able to watch it live, the video is available at that link, and I'll embed it here:

There were some feedback problems with the audio for a little while-- annoyingly, it only got bad once the hangout went live-- there was a tiny echo when we were talking about logistics beforehand, but not enough to justify screwing around with earbuds. then when we started the actual event, it suddenly got completely awful for a while. It does get better, though-- I have no idea why, but later on, the echo is gone. Google works in mysterious ways.

The conversation covered a pretty wide range, and I had fun talking about modern physics, and the books, and science in general, and comparing physics to cartoons. I probably got a little carried away at a couple of points, but I tend to do that.

As mentioned in the conversation, I just got the copyeditor's comments for Eureka: Discovering Your Inner Scientist, now scheduled for December 9 (before Christmas, woo-hoo!), and am working my way through those. So blogging will continue to be light to nonexistent for the next week or two.

(The copyedits I've read so far are, in general, extremely helpful, but man, there's nothing like having a professional copyeditor go through your text to make you feel like an illiterate goober...)

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