Uncertain Dots 25: The Lightning Round

I got the time for the regular hangout wrong, and then we had some weird computer difficulties, so we only had ten minutes for Uncertain Dots this week. Which was enough time for me to say disparaging things about comic book movies, so, you know, if that interests you...

Here's the making of Interstellar story about Kip Thorne.

Here's the Avengers 2 trailer.

Also, a program note: I will be at MASS MoCA tonight talking about Particle Fever, if you'd like to hear me talk about real physics on film, or just take issue with my slagging off comic-book movies in person...

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...as the ship enters its inescapable trajectory, the computer screens go blank except for three letters,


(IEEE 754-2008 Section 6.2)

It's everyone's favorite, nonsensical uncle, Uncle Al!