Eureka: Signing, Q&A, Canadian Review

A few items for Sunday morning:

-- First and foremost, in just a few hours from now, I'll be signing books at the Open Door. If you're in Quebec or central Pennsylvania, you better leave now; Boston or NYC, you can have a cup of coffee first. Farther than that, you might try calling them around 11am ET to see if they'll ship you one...

-- The Albany Times Union did a short Q&ampA with me about the book. This ran Thursday, apparently, but didn't show up on Google, so I only found it this morning when I went to the Times Union site directly.

-- There's a good, thoughtful review in the Winnipeg Free Press from a professor at the University of Winnipeg. Which says some nice things ("Drawing on a wide variety of examples and stories, many from sports and pop culture, Orzel writes in a crisp, clear, and entertaining style"), and also fairly points out the limits of the argument I'm making. I'm pretty happy with this.

(Which makes it really unfortunate that the mere name of the paper instantly earworms me with the Weakerthans' "One Great City". No, brain! Winnipeg is nice! We likes them, Precioussss...)

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