The Big Picture of Eureka

No, not the little cover .jpg that I use as the "featured image" to tag these posts promoting Eureka. The post title refers to the Big Picture Science radio show from the SETI insitute. I'm one of the people interviewed in the latest episode, Maria Konnikova (author of Mastermind) and Louis Liebenberg.

This is another interview that was recorded remotely down at WAMC in Albany. They pushed back on my stock answers a little more than usual, which in one sense was fun, but was also pretty exhausting, as I was at the lowest point of the cold I'm just getting over now. I went home right after it finished, and napped for about two hours. So if I sound like I'm flagging a bit toward the end, well, that's because I was...

UPDATE: There's also a link to just my segment of the show, if you'd like to get right to that, and not need to go through the full half-hour show. (Also, I originally referred to it as a "podcast," but this is also a national radio show-- check your local listings to see if one of the hundred-odd stations carrying it is near you...)

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