061/366: BatNinja

I took some shots of nature stuff on this morning's dog walk, and a few good action shots at the last soccer game of the season. But honestly, the only thing anybody wants to see today is Halloween costumes, so here are the kids:

The Pip as Batman, SteelyKid as a ninja. The Pip as Batman, SteelyKid as a ninja.

Cleverly, they both selected costumes that are predominantly black; we augmented these with glow-stick bracelets and flashlights while actually trick-or-treating, for improved visibility.

Putting these together required a good deal more GIMP work than I anticipated, because the raw shots for the two are at slightly different angles, so when I did the quick copy-and-paste thing, the mantel and bookshelves in the background were tilted at different angles on the different sides of the split frame, and that just made me twitch. So I had to go back and rotate both images slightly to square things up.

Right around one hour of trick-or-treating yielded roughly 2kg of candy. This didn't remotely exhaust the possibilities in the neighborhood, just the stamina of the kids. With another year of training, I think we can easily break 5kg next year.