Union Jobs

Two positions of possible interest to academic job seekers:

-- First, we're hiring again in the Union college Department of Physics and Astronomy:

We invite applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position starting in September 2016, with a preference for an experimental physicist working in either biophysics or soft condensed matter. We encourage applications from interdisciplinary scientists and those who could make use of the College’s shared instrumentation resources (including AFM, SEM, micro- Raman and micro-FTIR instruments and IBM cluster computer; see http://www.union.edu/academic/learning-resources/campus-for-learning/in… for more). Applicants should have strong research credentials, evidence of teaching or mentoring a diverse student body, and a strong commitment to undergraduate education including research with undergraduate students.

-- If that's not prestigious enough, you could always apply to be my boss, as Union is looking for a new VP of Academic Affairs. It's probably not all that likely that any great candidates for that position are reading this, but hey, you never know...

I'm on sabbatical and thus not directly participating in either search. I can, however, answer fairly general questions about either position if you shoot me an email.


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There are probably more readers who might be looking to dump their Dean or VPAA on you than readers who would be personally interested in that job.

By quasihumanist (not verified) on 05 Nov 2015 #permalink

Some readers might want to share this with their friends or they're just happy that an occasional academic job still exists.