The Pre-School Social Event of the Season

The Pip's birthday was yesterday, but we're having his birthday party today, because that's when the indoor playground was available. He had two requests for his birthday: that we have a party at Tumbling Tykes, and that one friend in particular be invited. So, well, we're having his party at Tumbling Tykes, and his buddy D. will be there. along with 9-10 other friends from day care.

This post is mostly an excuse to post this graphic of the invitation, because I'm proud of my rudimentary design skillz:

The Pip's having a birthday party. The Pip's having a birthday party.

And also to say that this is about all you're getting out of me today, because little-kid party. On the heels of a rotten cold earlier this week, and with SteelyKid possibly coming down with the same bug...

Morituri te salutamus, and all that.

Careful: Somebody, whose name may or may not be Jenny, might actually have that phone number.

By Eric Lund (not verified) on 08 Nov 2015 #permalink


You have some cute kids and you seem to be a solid, adoring dad. That’s all great, of course.

But is ScienceBlogs the proper venue for all your kiddie pics? Seems like they’d be more appropriate for Facebook or something like it.

By See Noevo (not verified) on 08 Nov 2015 #permalink

@See Noknowledge #2: You aren't from around here, are you? Because you clearly are utterly unaware of Dr. Orzel's excellent work-life balance. Try something new for you -- do a little research before commenting.

By Michael Kelsey (not verified) on 08 Nov 2015 #permalink

To Michael #3:

That's quite a “balance” for Chad, and for ScienceBlogs.

Of the last 15 articles at Science Blogs, 6 were by Chad, and of those 6, 5 were about his kids or neighborhood stuff.

Come to ScienceBlogs, where a third of the articles are about a certain contributor’s kids’ activities and neighborhood squirrel antics!

By See Noevo (not verified) on 08 Nov 2015 #permalink

@#4 -

That would be because most of his actual science blogging is over at Forbes now, with a roughly weekly link back to those articles with a summary so you can decide if you want to read them or not, or comment on them here or there (pointless IMHO) or not at all.

By CCPhysicist (not verified) on 08 Nov 2015 #permalink

To CCPhysicist:

Does the CC stand for Community College?

By See Noevo (not verified) on 08 Nov 2015 #permalink

Sorry you don't like the kid pictures. I'll be happy to give you a full refund.

I post what I feel like posting. Sometimes, that means you get a big run of kid pictures; sometimes that means a long run of book reviews or detailed physics posts or grumbling about academia. If you don't like what I'm posting at a given point, well, wait a while, and it'll be different.

I can't do anything about other people on ScienceBlogs not posting enough.