SciencePunk in the Guardian: Scientists deploy guerilla tactics at music festivals

Secret Garden Party

The Guardian Science Blog has published my article on the rather excellent Guerilla Science organisation. I discovered them last year when they invited me to talk at the Secret Garden Party. I'm happy to say I'll be returning this year, and I implore you all to get involved in this kind of thing (if only for the free entry to festivals):

Of the thousands heading to Suffolk this weekend for the Latitude Festival, most will be looking forward to a few days of music, camping and socially acceptable breakfast drinking. One thing they're probably not expecting is a lecture on astrophysics. But that's just what a small group of graduates are hoping to give them.

Guerilla Science brings unconventional forms of science entertainment to music festivals. An independent organisation founded by Oxford chemistry graduate Richard Bowdler in 2007, it puts on science-themed talks, live experiments, installations, art, films and performances at music festivals across the UK.

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