Record grooves as seen under the microscope

Thanks to Emilia for showing me this awesome post on the Synthgear website which shows what record grooves look like under an electron microscope. Here's a line of disco magnified 500 times:


Researcher Chris Supranowitz at the University of Rochester's The Insitute of Optics took the images, one assumes for his own nerdy amusement.
Be sure to check out the full set, which includes an image in eye-popping 3D!


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nice..we did this in 7th grade science class in the 50's..
"look the loud parts are farther apart!!"..

Imagine! A whole page on the American English Internet for this! I wonder what the Chinese Internet wastes its pages on! This or a similar shot can be found in most out of print high school texts from the 50's, 60's, and even Popular Science had a go at it! Don't bother to upgrade! The waste is done, So is America! Decades left in decadence, only decades!

i can imagine teenagers saying "huh? what's a record?"