What Tau sounds like, played to 126 decimal places

YouTube artist and multi-instrumentalist Michael John Blake has been exploring the musical patterns within mathematics, by assigning each note on the major scale a numeral. In this wonderful composition he plays Tau, a number used in a similar way to Pi, for calculating values of circles and whatnot.

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That's lovely and cool. Thanks for posting it.

First of all, tau is blasphemy against pi. http://www.thepimanifesto.com/ It's change for the sake of change. Kind of like the Office ribbon.

Second, I did this with pi years ago, converting the digits into notes on the blues scale and overlaying them on a boogie woogie bass line. With 10,000 digits. In Matlab. Sadly, I can't find the wav file, and I don't have Matlab anymore to recreate it.

Sounds like Tom is jealous.

What did they do for the digit '0' ?