The Buzz: Shaking Things Up on ScienceBlogs

A recent influx of geobloggers on ScienceBlogs has brought rocks, mountains, and their fiery relatives volcanoes into the spotlight. Whether they're talking about unusual uses of earthquake jargon, volcanic eruptions in the South Pacific, or their fantasy geology curriculum for undergraduates, these bloggers stay down to earth. Remarked veteran ScienceBlogger Chris Rowan of Highly Allochthonous, "All the biomedical types around these parts should wake up and start realizing that the future is hammer-shaped."

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I've been enjoying the new geobloggers, as I enjoy sampling almost all of the science here at ScienceBlogs. I'd like to point out what I perceive to be the biggest remaining gap in the ScienceBlogdom -- you have no actual scientist representing either atmospheric sciences or meteorology here. Perhaps you should do some prospecting.

The real gaping hole is Technology. Greg Laden occasionally puts on his geek hat, but it doesn't make him an engineer.

By Lassi Hippeläinen (not verified) on 19 Mar 2009 #permalink