Announcing: ScienceBlogs and National Geographic


Dear Readers,

It is our great pleasure to bring you news of an exciting new partnership, starting today, between ScienceBlogs and National Geographic.

ScienceBlogs and National Geographic have at their cores the same ultimate mission: to cultivate widespread interest in science and the natural world. Starting today, we will work together to advance this common mission through new content, applications, and initiatives. We will bring acclaimed voices from National Geographic into our rich discussion on ScienceBlogs, and National Geographic will invite their worldwide audience to join the conversation. Our bloggers will gain new audiences and maybe even a few SciBlings...

Over the next few days, weeks, and months you will start to see the fruits of the SB-NG partnership take shape here on SB and on We hope you'll share with us your ideas and feedback for how we can make this partnership as valuable as possible for you.

ScienceBlogs and our 137 bloggers around the world strive to continually raise the bar of online science communication, and we are thrilled to be taking the next step with National Geographic. We look forward to bringing this new dimension to your ScienceBlogs experience.

Thank you for being a part of our community!

— SB


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@Torrie: How can possibly christians like NG after the big NO from "Was Darwin wrong?"?

During a conversation at work about scienceBlogs and National Geographic found that from now on we will not have time to work. Anyhow, I hope that this cooperation will allow me to read more interesting posts. Very interesting is the invitation to talk to all journalists from National Geographic. To be able to tell us about what experienced during their travels.

I have high hopes for the partnership.

I agree with others here that NatGeo (as they now call themselves) has at times stooped to the 'infotainment' level on cable TV, and I want to warn them that they will lose people like me who are looking to GET AWAY FROM INFOTAINMENT (hopefully the caps will help bring the point home). Like, as far way as possible from that awful plague.

If the collaboration with SB helps further good, high-quality reporting of science and engages the public intelligently, then it's a good thing.

Again, I need to emphasize that just because someone is not a scientist doesn't mean they spend all their time drinking bad beer and watching "Jackass".

There is a middle ground and plenty of people who want high quality reporting of science and sensible commentary on science issues. That's the audience you guys need to target.