Eyes on the Pies

Like Little Jack Horner, we at ScienceBlogs are not above sitting in a corner and sticking our thumbs into pies. Which is why we're not allowed to have pies in the office. Plums are all fine and dandy, but what else we could pull out of these amazing creations?

Domestigoth gets creative with the Citric Acid in your Eye Pi, incorporating a chocolate crumble crust, delicious citrus custard, and some semi-sweet double bonds. Yes, that's right, chemistry. In a Pi Day pie. It smarts so good.

i-8ec91dfc46b76d5bcdf7e873218840ab-Untitled-1 copy.jpg

Team Kellon applies brute force with the Method of Exhaustion Chocolate Pi(e). Hey Archimedes, how many polygons does it take to approximate the area of a circle? When whipped cream is involved, we won't settle for close enough.


Laurel turns her Peeple's Pie into a diorama, with placid blueberry waters, majestic meringue peaks, and a flock of Peeps that unlike real waterfowl won't fly away when you creep up on them with a fork and knife.


Using pi, Aimee Schiwal calculated that a circle with an area of 51" has a diameter of 8.05824. Which means she gets to name her pie Area 51! Even an alien would dig this Neapolitanesque layering of chocolate mousse, strawberry ice cream, and vanilla whip.


Erica on Butternuts made a French Almond and Apricot Pie, which looks a bit like a sunflower. She raves, "it may be the best pie I've ever had - I'm serious." We don't doubt her—if looks could kill, this pie would have us all pushing daisies.



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