ScienceBlogger Pies!

If coming back for seconds is indulgent, then this eighth helping of Pi Day Pies makes us pure hedonists. But hey, the dessert table is the new water cooler.

First, Travis Saunders and his girlfriend cobbled together their own entry on Obesity Panacea, a vegetarian Raspberry Pie that uses agar instead of gelatin. With apple juice, maple syrup, almonds, and oatmeal, this pie looks healthy as well as delicious.

i-42d177894e24d18a5f74185e75725d93-Final pie.jpg

On Adventures in Ethics and Science, Janet Stemwedel offers another vegetarian pie that combines "rich chocolate, tart cherries, and almonds." Mind the parentheses in the Chocolate Almond Cherry (Tofu) Pie to achieve your desired texture.


Joanna Pool made two pies on The USA Science and Engineering Festival blog, including the Irrationally Good Chocolate and Basil Pie from a recipe on hogwash. The other pie was—try not to cringe—a vinegar pie. She says it turned out well, but we'll just take her word for it.


Josh Rosenau rallied a panoply of pies on Thoughts from Kansas, writing "rhubarb pie is the king of pies, with rhubarb-strawberry the queen. Apple pie is the president, a leader but never an aristocrat." This Tarte Tatin is simply stunning.


James Hrynyshyn opts for the so-called queen of pies with his metrically-measured Strawbarb Pi. He even serves it up on a Pi Plate that takes Pi to nearly 100 digits. Simplicity and complexity side by side.


Vince LiCata teams up with his son on to construct the ambitious Chocolate Pudding Meringue Pi Pi Pie, but warns it "may be frightening to children or people who know how to make pies." Our arteries are alarmed, but our tongues are gung-ho.


And finally Pamela Ronald serves up a savory option on Tomorrow's Table with her Swiss Chard-Gruyere Pie. The greens are fresh from her garden, and combined with eggs, milk, and cheese, and crust, look utterly delicious.


And that's it! If we somehow missed your pie, let us know and we'll find room for one more.

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